The Winter Crash

Book 1 in the Dean Investigations P.I. Mystery series

by K.W. Bennett

The Winter Crash Cover Image - a snowy street with car tire tracks at night, lit by streetlights and buildinglights with trees on one side and low city buildings in the backround.

After a hit-and-run car crash Caitlyn's life is put on hold. Her broken leg refuses to heal, and she is questioning her future career as a doctor. She realizes the only way forward is to find out what happened, who hit her and left her to die, and - most importantly - who was at fault.

She enlists the help of Thomas Dean; a former-cop-turned-PI, and a permanent wheelchair user after a spinal cord injury. He hopes that, despite his physical limitations, he still has what it takes to get the job done.

But what Caitlyn first shrugs off as paranoia, a daily reminder of the annoying post-crash nightmares, turns out to be a real threat. In their search for the perpetrator, they stumbled on a bigger case than they had planned for.

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