The Winter Crash Book Cover - a snowy road with tire tracks illuminated by streetlamps, there are trees on the side of the road and city buildings in the background. The cover is teal blue with black, white and yellow text.

The Winter Crash

An ex cop in a wheelchair, a med school drop out on crutches. Not your standard PI duo.

After a hit-and-run car crash Caitlyn's life is put on hold. Her broken leg refuses to heal, and she is questioning her future career as a doctor. She realizes the only way forward is to find out what happened, who hit her and left her to die, and - most importantly - who was at fault.

She enlists the help of Thomas Dean; a former-cop-turned-PI, and a permanent wheelchair user after a spinal cord injury. He hopes that, despite his physical limitations, he still has what it takes to get the job done.

But what Caitlyn first shrugs off as paranoia, a daily reminder of the annoying post-crash nightmares, turns out to be a real threat. In their search for the perpetrator, they stumbled on a bigger case than they had planned for.

The Winter Crash Cover Image - a snowy street with car tire tracks at night, lit by streetlights and buildinglights with trees on one side and low city buildings in the backround.

The Spring Trial


Dean Investigations if off to a rocky start when Thomas' former bosses force him into a legal battle. Caitlyn has to handle their first paying client solo, and prove she's worth the trust Thomas put in her.

Thankfully it's an easy case: their client wants them to prove a famous Friesian breeder accidentally sold her the wrong horse. Caitlyn takes a job as a stable hand, but she's not the only one hiding in plain sight.

And despite Thomas' efforts to keep Caitlyn out of his personal battles, when new information changes everything he thought he knew about how he got paralyzed, he has to let her in.